About Hendo.Today

Our Story

In the fall of 2015 Michael Sundburg read an article about an organization that had been serving Christmas Dinner in Hendersonville to anyone who walked through their doors by using community donations and volunteer work, and they had been doing this for over 30 years. The article was a call to action for for leadership and key roles for The Bounty Of Bethlehem. The Bounty Of Bethlehem needed a volunteer web designer and a social media expert to help promote their cause and someone to set up a payment processor on their website and asked anyone who could help to show up a meeting with other leaders. Michael Sundburg who had a long history of marketing, social media promotion and had built many websites attended the meeting, and made a commitment to help The Bounty Of Bethlehem. That Christmas was a huge success and even netted record breaking donations that year and Hendo.Today was born.

After that Hendo.today did local photography and local video to promote small business and the city of Hendersonville, including events like Rhythm & Brews and was later contracted with the city of Hendersonville to shoot videos for the Hendersonville Police Department, Fire Department, and Public Works.

Hendo.today has organized and promoted two Hendersonville Fashion Shows in partnership with Continuum Art Gallery and Bold Life Magazine. Hendo.Today has helped a number of small businesses and musicians with websites, high-end photography, videography, graphic design, social media promotion along with copywriting.

Hendo.Today uses full-frame Sony cameras for photo and video and shoots with a number of lenses to achieve artistic effect and different lighting. Hendo.today shoot with strobe for stills or continuous lighting for video. Hendo.Today shoots with tripods, gimbals, jibs and sliders to ensure the smoothes camera shots. Hendo.today captures high-end audio such as sennheiser shotgun mics or Sennheiser lavalier microphone.

Hendo.Today Provides affordable Promotional services to local businesses Including:

  • Photography/Videography Hendo.Today shoots high-quality videos/photos of events, walkthroughs, product or food photography and video geared to get viral attention
  • Website Development Hendo.Today Custom creates high-end optimized WordPress Sites at an affordable cost.
  • Social Media Advertisement Hendo.Today provides targeted social media marketing that gets traffic
  • Google Ads Google is king when it comes to solving problems. Hendo.Today will assist in getting focused ads that bring hot leads
  • SEO Hendo.today will assist with Google maps, keyword research. Backlinks and assisting customers in finding and trusting your business organically

Hendo.today operates in the Western Carolinas particularly from Asheville to Greenville to Spartanburg. including Hendersonville, Arden, Fletcher, Brevard NC, and Landrum, Boiling Springs, Greer SC