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Introduction: In the world of professional videography, audio quality is just as critical as visual excellence. The THEOS Digital Wireless Microphone 2ch Kit stands out as a game-changer, offering unparalleled features that cater to the intricate needs of videographers and their clients. Let's dive into the features that make this kit a must-have for those aiming to elevate their audio recording capabilities.

Global OneBand: 550-960MHz for Optimal Frequency Range: The THEOS kit shines with its Global OneBand feature, spanning 550-960MHz. This wide frequency range is a significant advantage in crowded environments where wireless interference is common. By accessing a broad spectrum, the kit ensures clear, uninterrupted audio capture, essential for professional-quality results.

Built-in Recorder for High-Quality Backup Audio: Uniquely, the transmitter in the THEOS kit includes a built-in recorder. This means videographers have an alternative means to capture the highest-quality backup audio. In scenarios where wireless transmission might be compromised, this feature is invaluable, guaranteeing that no crucial audio is lost.

Expansive Storage with MicroSD Support: Supporting a MicroSD card of up to 128GB, the THEOS kit addresses one of the biggest concerns in audio recording: space. With the capacity for extensive, uninterrupted recording sessions, videographers can focus more on their craft and less on storage limitations.

Advanced Timecode Synchronization: Synchronizing audio with video, especially in multi-camera shoots, can be challenging. The THEOS kit simplifies this with its ability to wirelessly sync timecode to the Deity TC-1. For more complex setups, it offers a hard-wire jam via a 3.5mm connection, ensuring perfect audio-video alignment.

Sidus Audio App for Remote Control Functionality: In an era where remote control and flexibility are paramount, the THEOS kit integrates seamlessly with the Sidus Audio app. This app allows for remote adjustments and control, adding a layer of convenience and efficiency to the audio recording process.

Ultra-Long Battery Life for Extended Shoots: One of the most practical features of the THEOS kit is its ultra-long battery life. Extended shoots often drain resources, and having a reliable microphone kit that can keep up is a relief for any videography team. This feature minimizes battery-related issues and discomfort when micing talent, allowing for smoother operations.

Impressive RF Power and Range for Unrestricted Movement: With up to 100mW RF Power and a range of up to 450ft, the THEOS kit gives videographers and talent the freedom to move without concern for distance from the transmitter. This feature is particularly beneficial in dynamic shooting environments where mobility is key.

Is Capable Of Recording In 32-Bit Float Format: Recording audio in 32-bit float format offers several significant benefits, especially for professionals and serious enthusiasts in audio production:

  1. Higher Dynamic Range: 32-bit float recording provides a vastly greater dynamic range compared to 24-bit or 16-bit formats. This means it can capture both very quiet and very loud sounds with greater fidelity, reducing the risk of clipping (distortion due to too loud sounds) or losing detail in quieter passages.
  2. Increased Headroom for Post-Production: The extended dynamic range offers more headroom in post-production. You can adjust levels, apply effects, or make other changes without degrading the quality of the original recording. This is particularly useful in situations where the input levels are not optimal or hard to predict.
  3. Forgiveness in Gain Staging: Gain staging – the process of setting the correct levels at each stage of the audio signal path – is less critical with 32-bit float. If a recording is too quiet, it can be amplified in post without introducing significant noise. If it's too loud, it might still be recoverable without distortion.
  4. No Need for External Preamps: With 32-bit float, you can often bypass the need for external preamps to boost signal levels. The format can handle a wide range of input levels effectively, which simplifies the recording setup and can reduce costs.
  5. Future-Proofing: As audio technology advances, having recordings in the highest possible quality ensures that they remain usable and relevant. 32-bit float recordings can withstand the test of time better, as they offer more flexibility for future editing and mastering technologies.
  6. Compatibility with Advanced Audio Processing: Advanced audio processing techniques like HDR (High Dynamic Range) audio in post-production are more effective with 32-bit float recordings. These techniques can further enhance the sound quality, particularly for dynamic and complex audio scenes.
  7. Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio: The format provides a better signal-to-noise ratio, meaning that the desired audio (signal) is much more prominent compared to the unwanted noise. This leads to cleaner, higher-quality recordings.

Conclusion: The THEOS Digital Wireless Microphone 2ch Kit is more than just an audio recording device; it's a comprehensive solution that addresses the nuanced demands of professional videography. From its expansive frequency range to its remote control capabilities, this kit is designed to ensure that capturing high-quality audio is as effortless and reliable as possible. Whether it's for a multi-camera shoot or a single, intimate interview, the THEOS kit stands out as an indispensable tool for videographers dedicated to delivering excellence to their clients.

Deity Theos Digital Wireless Mic


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